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I Am Ready Couples Seeking a frugal frumpy friend

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Seeking a frugal frumpy friend

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Our Version of Frugal New wood look tile is starting to go in. Mr PoP is now home safe and sound from his recent trip.

I was despite the Vermillion girl wants sex that OF is without question one of the nicest people we have ever known in our lives. In my mind, the difference between being cheap and being frugal comes down to looking at price over value.

The cheap person will pick White make seeking bbw type less expensive item the chefmate in this old story every time, while the frugal person is going to figure out how much value can be derived from items at various pricepoints and will seek to maximize value per dollar rather than just seeking the smallest dollar amount in the short term.

But we have some serious luxury purchases.

Are we really frugal, though? By comparison to a lot of our friends especially those that fall in the same income-tax bracketwe are definitely less spendy.

Everyone in our household either has gotten or will get a truly opulent and definitely spendy treat this year. For the record, he and I are both still loving the Litter Robot. Aww, hell.

Who am I kidding? Our typical yearly spending is right around the median household income.

So maybe we are frugal? Really though, the amount of time I have spent thinking about measuring our relative spend-thriftiness and frugality recently has been a waste of time and energy.

Our spending is aligning with our values. Resolving and finding compromise in value conflicts like these has been instrumental in our marriage!

How would you describe your spending habits?