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Digital Wireless X-ray Unit in Texas!

Concord Imaging is pleased to announce the installation of the Carestream DRX-1 System at their Creekside location for performing Digital Radiography. Most current radiology facilities use Computed Radiography (CR) for performing radiographs (traditional “X-rays”). CR replaced the old system of Xray film in cassettes that had to be run through a processor. The CR systems still have to use a laser light to “read” the xray image on a cassette and this takes about 60 seconds per image.

Concord Imaging at Creekside has added the latest in state of the art technology to their Xray capabilities. With the new Carestream DRX-1 system, an all-digital detector plate is placed behind the area to be imaged and the xray exposure is taken in the conventional manner. From this point forward, the information is transmitted digitally in just a few seconds from the digital detector to the console and the image is ready to be sent to the PACS system where it is stored and can be interpreted by the radiologist. The image is transmitted and the technologist is ready to position the patient for the next exposure in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

From a patient and referring office perspective, this allows Concord Imaging at Creekside to perform Xray exams in much less time than any other facility. This should translate into shorter exams for patients and less waiting time to get into the exam room.

“We began to look at areas in our facility where we potentially experience backlogs and Xray and Ultrasound were identified as areas where we sometimes had patients waiting longer than desirable or difficulty scheduling,” said Concord Imaging founder and radiologist Jeremy Wiersig, M.D. (Please see Ultrasound News). “We pride ourselves on our service and taking good care of patients, so when we learned about the DRX-1 Wireless DR system, we started investigating it, “ We thought we could make a real difference in patient wait and exam times and it’s really proving to be true. And the image quality is really spectacular.”

Come experience the 1st wireless Digital Radiography system in Texas at Concord Imaging the next time you need “Xrays”.

What is an X-Ray?

An x-ray is a medical test that physicians use to diagnosis and treat their patient’s medical conditions. It is the oldest and most commonly used form of medical testing. An X – ray is a painless and quick test for the patient to endure. It involves exposing the part of the body that is being examined to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body.

X -ray is also used to diagnose various conditions of the lungs including pneumonia, tumors and changes of heart failure. It also is used to diagnose fractures and other abnormalities of bones, joint conditions, and causes of abdominal pain.

Fluoroscopy involves using X-rays to take “live” images of the body. It is typically used to examine the gastrointestinal tract such as the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon.

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How To Prepare for an X-Ray?

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  • You may be asked to wear a gown during the procedure.
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to change.
  • Please remove any jewelry, eyeglasses or any metal objects that are covering the area to be examined.
  • You may be asked not to eat or drink for several hours prior to your procedure. We will give you instructions when you make your appointment.
  • X-rays cannot be performed during pregnancy because of the potential harms to the fetus. Women should always notify the radiology technician of any possibility of pregnancy.

How Do X-Rays Work?

X-rays are a type of radiation just like radio waves and light. The X- ray machine is positioned toward the part of the body being imaged. It then produces a small amount of radiation that passes through the body and captures an image on film or a special image recording plate.

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