Steps to Take to Prepare for Your X-Ray

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Getting an X-ray is a simple, painless process that should not take more than about an hour from the start of your imaging appointment. If your doctor has referred you to Concord Imaging Center for an X-ray near San Antonio, you don’t have to do much to prepare. You should, however, take the following steps to make your visit go smoothly.

X-Ray Wear the Right Clothing

You may be asked to wear a gown for your X-ray, depending on the area of the body being imaged. To ensure that you can move freely if you do not wear a gown, come to your appointment in comfortable clothing that’s easy to remove if necessary. You should also avoid wearing jewelry or be prepared to take off any jewelry once you arrive. Finally, refrain from applying skincare products like deodorant or lotion prior to your appointment.

Ask Your Doctor If You Can Eat Beforehand

Sometimes eating before an X-ray will not interfere with results, but other situations may require you to avoid food for a few hours before the exam. Ask your doctor to be sure, and inquire about any other preparations you may need to do.

Schedule a Follow-Up with Your Physician

X-ray technicians will not discuss your X-rays with you on the spot. Instead, a radiologist will interpret your results and report back to your referring physician. Your doctor will take the time to inform you of the results of your exam and walk you through the next steps, so you might schedule this visit before you even have the X-ray done.

Inform Your Radiologist of Existing Health Conditions

If you have any preexisting health conditions, you should inform the radiologist before your X-ray. In addition to any health problems, you should mention if there is a chance that you could be pregnant, since ionizing radiation can be harmful to your developing child.

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