How 3D Mammography Saves Lives

3D Mammography Saves Lives Video

When it’s time to make an appointment at an imaging center for a mammogram, consider asking whether you would benefit from 3D mammography. Radiologists in San Antonio strongly recommend 3D mammograms because they offer significant advantages over traditional mammograms . These advantages can help save lives.

When you watch this featured video, you’ll meet Lori, who went to an imaging center for a routine mammogram and got a call back. She had an MRI and ultrasound, which were both inconclusive. Then, she got a 3D mammogram and the radiologist was able to detect the tumor. Her doctor explains that 3D mammograms increase cancer detection rates dramatically, plus, they result in fewer call backs because of false positives. Lori, who is now in remission, credits the technology with saving her life.

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