Mammography: What You Need to Know

Mammography Video

Mammograms can be lifesaving for women, but if you are not sure what to expect, they can also be scary. In this video from Concord Imaging Center near San Antonio , you can learn exactly what to expect when you get a mammogram so that the experience is not intimidating.

Approximately one in eight women will get breast cancer in their lives, but early diagnosis through a mammogram can make breast cancer survivable. When you arrive at the imaging center, your mammographer will ask you questions about your breast health before performing the medical imaging exam. During the mammogram, your breasts will be compressed so that a clear image of the breast tissue can be taken. The compression only lasts for seconds, and while it may be uncomfortable, most women do not find it painful. Remember that your mammographer is committed to making the experience as easy for you as possible, so speak up if you have questions or are anxious about the procedure.

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