Getting Over Your Nervousness About Your First Mammogram

Diagnostic Imaging

Doctors recommend that most women begin having mammograms annually when they turn 40 and earlier or more often if they have certain risk factors. If your doctor refers you to an imaging center in San Antonio for your first mammogram, it is natural to have some nervousness about what to expect. Fortunately, most women find mammograms much easier than they have imaged them. If you are feeling nervous about your mammogram, here are some ways to cope with your anxiousness. mammogram - imaging

Speak Up

Sometimes, knowledge is the best way to overcome nervousness. When your doctor refers you for your mammogram, ask him or her to explain what to expect. The staff at your imaging center can also explain the process to you. By going into the mammogram with an understanding of the process, you can feel more confident about your appointment. If your anxiety revolves around the test results and the prospect of finding out that you have breast cancer or another health issue, ask your doctor to tell you exactly when you can expect to hear from him or her.

Talk to Your Friends

Sometimes, there is nothing as comforting as hearing someone you trust explain her own mammogram experiences to you. Most women have anxiety about getting their first mammograms and then discover that the test is fast and easy and only causes a small amount of discomfort if it causes any at all. You can even ask a friend to go with you to help keep your nerves under control.

Tell the Imaging Center Staff

It can be helpful to tell the imaging center staff that it is your first mammogram and that you are nervous about the experience. They will be more than willing to explain the entire process to you and to go slowly, telling you want to expect at each stage. You may be surprised how quickly the test is over when you feel comfortable and let go of your nervousness about the procedure.

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