PET Scan Imaging for Early Alzheimer’s Detection

Alzheimer's Disease

While there is no 100% accurate method of Alzheimer’s testing in San Antonio , a PET scan can provide your doctor with valuable information that he can use to make a diagnosis. If you are exhibiting early warning signs of Alzheimer’s, your doctor may recommend a combination of a new drug with a PET brain scan for early Alzheimer’s detection. A PET brain scan is typically the next step in Alzheimer’s testing if a complete medical exam found no cause for your symptoms.

Alzheimer’s may be present in the brain if you have abnormal clumps of cells, called plaque, in the brain. Before your PET brain scan, a radiologist at a medical imaging center will inject you with a drug that attaches to these plaques. He will then take medical images of your brain using a PET machine.

The drug highlights areas of plaque so that the radiologist and your doctor can see them in your medical images. If the PET scan does not show any areas of plaque in your brain, you likely do not have Alzheimer’s disease, though this doesn’t ensure that you won’t develop the disease in the future.

Detecting Alzheimer's Disease

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