• PET Scan Imaging for Early Alzheimer’s Detection

    While there is no 100% accurate method of Alzheimer’s testing in San Antonio , a PET scan can provide your doctor with valuable information that he can use to make a diagnosis. If you are exhibiting early warning signs of Alzheimer’s, your doctor may recommend a combination of a new drug with a PET brain scan for early Alzheimer’s detection. A PET brain scan is typically the next step in Alzheimer’s testing if a complete medical exam found no cause for your symptoms.

    Alzheimer’s may be present in the brain if you have abnormal clumps of cells, called plaque, in the brain. Before your PET brain scan, a radiologist at a medical imaging center will inject you with a drug that attaches to these plaques. He will then take medical images of your brain using a PET machine.

    The drug highlights areas of plaque so that the radiologist and your doctor can see them in your medical images. If the PET scan does not show any areas of plaque in your brain, you likely do not have Alzheimer’s disease, though this doesn’t ensure that you won’t develop the disease in the future.

    Detecting Alzheimer's Disease

  • Answers to Common Questions About 3D Mammograms

    If your primary care doctor has recommended that you get a 3D mammogram in San Antonio , you probably have a lot of questions. 3D mammography is an advanced method of screening for breast cancer that is done in conjunction with traditional 2D digital mammography. Here are answers to some common questions about 3D mammograms.

    What are the Benefits of 3D Mammography?

    Discussing 3D Mammogram During a 3D mammogram, an x-ray takes multiple images of the breast. These images can be viewed individually, or they can be combined to create an interactive and dynamic animation. 3D mammograms provide your radiologist and doctor with much more information than a traditional mammogram, which allows them to detect signs of breast cancer even earlier and start treatment as soon as possible. Scientific studies have found that the combination of 3D mammography and 2D digital mammography yields a 10 to 30% increase in breast cancer detection rates than just using traditional 2D digital mammography alone.

    How is a 3D Mammogram Performed?

    The radiologist at your medical imaging center will perform your 3D mammogram at the same time as your digital mammogram. Your breast will be positioned on a platform in a mammography machine. It will be gradually compressed with a paddle to spread out the breast tissue and achieve a clearer, more precise medical image. Because your radiologist will need to take additional images for 3D mammography, your breast will be compressed for a few seconds longer than it would with digital mammography. The extra time is almost unnoticeable, however, and no additional breast compression is required.

    Who Can Undergo a 3D Mammogram?

    Any woman who would undergo a standard digital mammogram can also undergo a 3D mammogram. If you have a mammogram scheduled, you can ask your doctor if a 3D mammogram would be useful or necessary. 3D mammography is safe and accurate for women with breast implants, but you should always inform your doctor and radiologist ahead of time that you have implants.

  • What Happens During an Ultrasound?

    If you’ve recently scheduled an appointment at a medical imaging center for an ultrasound in San Antonio, you might be wondering what to expect. Ultrasound imaging is used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions, and to assess organ damage after an injury or illness. A technologist will perform your ultrasound while you are lying on an examination table, and will use a water-based gel and transducer to obtain medical images. A radiologist, a doctor with specialized training in ultrasound and other types of imaging will interpret the images.

    Watch this video to learn more about what happens when you have an ultrasound. You’ll find out how the ultrasound technology works, and what to expect during the ultrasound procedure.

  • Reasons You May Need to Have a PET/CT Scan

    When your doctor recommends that you undergo a CT scan or PET scan in San Antonio, he should give you a detailed explanation of why this medical imaging is necessary. PET scans and CT scans are used to diagnose or develop treatment plans for a variety of medical conditions. Here are just some of the reasons that you may need to have a PET scan or CT scan at your local medical imaging center.

    To Get an Accurate Diagnosis of Type and Location of Cancer

    PET Scan Imaging If your doctor suspects that you might have cancer, he may recommend a PET scan or CT scan to determine what type of cancer you have and where it is located. PET and CT scans are incredibly precise, and are capable of distinguishing between malignant and benign cells. Your doctor can use the results of your medical imaging to diagnose cancer, recognize the recurrence of cancer, and aid in treatment planning. If your doctor suspects that you have a recurrence of cancer, a PET or CT scan is the most accurate tool to use in determining if your symptoms are related to recurrence or a benign tumor.

    To Obtain a Powerful Neurological Assessment

    Radiologists and doctors can use PET scans and CT scans to assess neurological activity in the brain. Your doctor can use your medical images to diagnose and characterize different forms dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s testing, and to determine the cause and focus of epileptic seizures. A PET brain scan is also the primary diagnostic tool used in recognizing the recurrence of cancer in the brain, or determining if recent changes were brought about by radiation therapy.

    To Develop a Cardiac Treatment Plan

    Your doctor will recommend a cardiac PET scan if you have recently suffered from a heart attack or if you have advanced coronary artery disease. The medical images will help your doctor determine if there is any viable tissue that will benefit from a cardiac bypass surgery. A cardiac PET scan provides more information than other methods of medical imaging.