• Exploring the Basics of Nuclear Medical Testing

    Do you have an upcoming appointment for nuclear medicine in San Antonio ? Nuclear medicine is a specialized type of medical imaging that allows doctors to measure the way your body is processing substances to identify abnormal activity. Patients undergoing nuclear medicine tests are exposed to the same amount of radiation as they would be during a standard X-ray.

    During a nuclear medicine test, you will receive a small dose of a radioactive substance by mouth or intravenously. This substance collects in your organs. Next, a gamma camera is used to create medical images by detecting energy emitted by the radioactive substance. Through these medical images, your doctor will be able to determine if your organs are functioning effectively. Sometimes, it may be necessary to take a series of images to see how the organ being evaluated functions over an extended period. Nuclear medicine tests are painless and can usually be completed within 45 minutes.

  • Strategies for Managing Your Healthcare Expenses

    Healthcare is one of the most significant expenses most people face. Even when you have insurance, the cost of care can be prohibitive. Carefully managing your healthcare expenses allows you to take control of your health. The good news is that there are ways you can ensure that you get the best possible prices for everything from doctor’s visits to medical imaging near San Antonio . Take these steps to keep your healthcare expenses under control.

    Healthcare Costs Understand Your Insurance Policy

    If you have insurance, understanding your policy is a crucial part of keeping your healthcare costs low. Know what providers are in-network for you, what services your plan covers, and how your prescription plan works. By understanding your policy, you can ensure you always choose the lowest-cost option for your care and avoid any surprises caused by having services you later find out aren’t covered.

    Shop Around

    Like anything you buy, medical costs can vary widely from provider to provider. Before you invest in anything, shop around for the best price. For instance, if your provider refers you for medical imaging, such as an ultrasound or CT scan, research the imaging centers in your area and choose the one that gives you the best deal. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to go to the imaging center your doctor wants to refer you to. Talk to your doctor about your preferences to see if he or she is comfortable sending you to the place with the best price. You should also shop around for prescription costs, surgical services, and other medical expenses.

    Consider Paying with Cash

    If you don’t have insurance, or if you haven’t met your deductible yet, then you may have to pay full price for medical services. Consider paying cash up front for the entire service instead of requesting to be billed or setting up a payment plan. Upfront cash payments save medical practices from the expenses of pursuing repayment and the risk of unpaid bills, so you may be able to get a sizeable discount by paying cash before your treatment.