• Can Age Impact Your Mammogram Results?

    If you are scheduled for a mammogram near San Antonio , you may be wondering how your age can affect your results. While 3D mammography is extremely accurate, age can influence your results. This video explains more.

    Age can impact your mammogram in a number of ways. As you get older, your breast tissue density can gradually change, which can influence how your mammogram is read. In general, most women’s breasts become less dense with age but some do not. 3D mammograms ensure that you get the most accurate results possible, no matter what your age. If your breasts are very dense, your doctor may refer you for a breast MRI or breast ultrasound as a means of additional screening.

  • 3D Mammograms: Recognizing the Benefits

    If you have been referred for a mammogram near San Antonio , then there is a good chance your provider has referred you for a 3D mammogram. 3D mammography is more accurate than traditional mammograms, which brings a long list of benefits. Why are 3D mammograms increasing in popularity? Here are some of the advantages of 3D mammography.

    Breast Cancer Detection Better Breast Cancer Detection

    Early breast cancer detection is what makes mammograms lifesaving. However, it is always possible for a tumor to be missed on a scan for any number of reasons, from its location to the breast tissue density. With a 3D mammogram, the image is easier for radiologists to read, so that you get more accurate results. In fact, according to one study reported by WebMD, 3D mammograms increase breast cancer detection by 40 percent , even for invasive tumors that can be hard to find in early stages.

    Fewer False Alarms

    One problem with mammograms that doctors are always looking to fix is false-positive results. False-positive mammograms can cause unnecessary distress for women. Furthermore, women often go through unnecessary medical tests after a false-positive mammogram that may be painful and expensive, and that may expose them to radiation. There is a 15 percent reduction in false-positive results with 3D mammography. Because fewer than 10 percent of women who are called back for additional testing after a positive mammogram actually have breast cancer, reducing these false alarms is a significant advantage.

    Increased Peace of Mind

    Breast cancer is a leading health concern for most women, and if you have a family history of the disease, it is natural to feel anxious about your chances of developing it. With a 3D mammogram, you can feel confident that your imaging is as accurate as possible and that you can rely on your results. If you are concerned about your breast cancer risk, the added peace of mind of having the most accurate mammogram available can be invaluable.

  • Staying Relaxed During Your MRI

    An MRI is a medical imaging procedure that allows your radiologist and doctor to effectively diagnose medical conditions, and develop the best treatment plan for your needs. It’s very important to try to remain still and relaxed during your MRI in San Antonio so that the medical images produced will be as clear and sharp as possible. Unfortunately, the tight space of the MRI machine, the noisy equipment, and anxiety about your medical imaging procedure can make it difficult to relax.

    It may be easier to fight anxiety and stay calm during your MRI if you bring a friend or family member to your medical imaging center with you. You can ask your doctor or radiologist if it’s possible to listen to your own music during your MRI.

    Some medical imaging centers will play the music of your choice over the speakers. The medical imaging center may also offer warm blankets and pillows that can help you stay comfortable. If you begin to feel stressed out, try to control your breathing. Take long, slow breaths in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth. Count to 10 silently for each breath in or out.