• Reasons to Choose Concord Imaging

    When you need medical imaging tests, you have a choice of where to get your procedure done. At Concord Imaging , we offer our patients benefits many other facilities simply don’t. Whether you need an MRI, CT, or PET scan near San Antonio, there are several advantages of choosing us for your care.

    At Concord Imaging, our team is invested in ensuring that all of our patients have a comfortable experience. We’re always willing to answer questions and put you at ease for your testing. We maintain close contacts with our patients and the doctors who refer them to us for the best possible continuity of care. Our practice has the very latest in imaging technology, so you get reliable results when you need them the most. We’re also priced well below our competitors for everything from ultrasound imaging to MRI exams, which is especially helpful for patients with high deductibles. Get the quality care you need at a cost-effective price by making us your choice for medical imaging.

  • The Uses of MRI Breast Imaging

    MRI scan in san antonio Although most women think of mammograms when they think of breast health screening, MRI breast imaging is a better choice for some patients. MRI shows a different type of view of the breast tissue than mammography and is a helpful diagnostic tool. If you’re scheduled for an MRI scan in San Antonio , here are some of the reasons why your doctor may have chosen this type of medical imaging test for you.

    Breast Cancer Screening for High-Risk Patients

    If you have a mother or sister who had breast cancer before age 50 or multiple relatives with breast or ovarian cancer, then your doctor may consider you a high-risk patient. MRI breast imaging is helpful in conjunction with mammograms for screening for cancer. MRI exams provide more detailed images of the breast tissue, so cancer can often be seen in an even earlier stage than it might show up on a mammogram, which allows patients to begin treatment as soon as possible.

    Staging Breast Cancer

    If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer after a previous screening test and biopsy, MRI may be used to determine exactly where the cancer is located, how large it is, and if it has spread to the underlying muscle. It can also be used to determine if there is undiagnosed cancer in the other breast. Doctors can also see enlarged lymph nodes on breast MRIs, which can indicate that the cancer has spread into that region. This information will help your doctor map out a treatment plan.

    Investigating Abnormalities

    In some cases, you may have a mammogram that shows an abnormality, but your doctor is unable to determine what exactly it is. An MRI exam provides a more detailed picture that can be useful for diagnosis. Based on what is seen on your MRI results, your doctor can determine if the abnormality needs to be biopsied or is not of concern.

  • How PET Scans Work

    If you’re scheduled for a PET scan near San Antonio , you’re probably wondering what to expect. PET scans are a type of radiopharmaceutical test often used to diagnose cancer or monitor cancer treatments. This video explains more.

    During a PET scan, you will be given a radiopharmaceutical—usually in the form of FDG, a type of glucose. FDG is absorbed at a higher rate in cancerous cells, making them visible on the imaging results. After the test, a radiologist will read the images and issue a report about what he sees. PET scans and FDG are considered to be safe, even for diabetics who may worry about getting glucose. It should pass out of your body quickly after the test.

  • What Is a PET Scan and Why Is It Used?

    PET Scan near San Antonio If your doctor wants to check the functioning of your internal tissues, he or she may refer you for a PET scan near San Antonio . This painless imaging test can be used for a number of different purposes but is most often ordered to diagnose cancer or to determine if a cancer treatment has been effective. If you have been scheduled for a PET scan, here is what you need to know.

    What Is a PET Scan?

    A positron emission tomography scan , or PET scan, is a type of medical imaging test. It uses a tracer, which is a type of radioactive drug, to highlight areas in the body with high chemical activity levels. This kind of activity usually indicates an issue, such as cancer. Although the tracer is a radioactive agent, the test is considered to be very safe, as it passes out of your body very quickly.

    What Happens During a PET Scan?

    Before the procedure begins, you will change into a gown and may be asked to use the restroom. Next, the tracer will be administered through an injection. Depending on the type of tracer being used, it will take about 30 to 60 minutes to be absorbed into your body. Once the tracer has been absorbed, you will lay on a table that slides into the PET scan machine. The machine will take images for about 30 minutes. If you are anxious about the small space, talk to your doctor about taking an anxiety medication. Often, patients have a CT/PET scan, which adds about 10 minutes to the procedure. This combines a PET scan with a CT scan to give better anatomic information than just a PET scan alone.

    What Happens After the Scan?

    There is no recovery period after a PET scan, so you can return to your normal activities. Drink fluids to flush out the tracer. A radiologist will read your images and make a report for your doctor, who will share the results with you.