• Get to Know Dr. Lucy Dossett

    Dr. Dossett

    At Concord Imaging, our radiologists serving San Antonio are committed to delivering patient-centered care combined with the accurate medical imaging results that patients and doctors alike rely on. Dr. Lucy Dossett is one of the committed team members who give our patients the care that sets us apart.

    Dr. Dossett is a graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, where she was the top student in her class for the clinical year of studies. She completed her residency at Dallas’s Parkland Memorial Hospital, where she also completed a fellowship in interventional radiology and MRI in conjunction with VAMC. Additionally, she holds specialty certification from the American Academy of Pain Management. Dr. Dossett has been a member of the Concord Imaging staff since 2011 and enjoys working in our radiology environment where quality of patient care is always our guiding concern.

  • Answers to Your Questions About CT Scans

    medical images San Antonio Medical imaging has become an integral part of providing effective healthcare. CT scans in particular can help radiology specialists find medical conditions and evaluate the progress of different treatments for them. Yet as important as these medical images can be to the health of those that get them, many people have questions about CT scans. If you are about to undergo a CT scan in San Antonio, the following questions and answers can help you better understand this procedure.

    How do CT scans work?

    A CT scan is normally a noninvasive process that captures images of the internal body for physician review and analysis. In many cases, patients feel no discomfort during this procedure. Though some individuals may require the injection of a contrast dye, this measure produces minimal pain. Under most circumstances, a CT scan demands only that the patient lay still while inside the medical imaging device. After just a few minutes, the CT scan can create hundreds of images that the medical imaging team can evaluate for signs of disease or injury.

    What conditions can CT scans reveal?

    CT scans can prove integral in the diagnosis of multiple health conditions. Because this procedure can provide highly detailed images of the body, the medical imaging team might deem it necessary for multiple circumstances. For instance, if a patient suffers trauma from a car accident, a CT scan can reveal whether internal bleeding is a concern. This process can also show trauma to the skeletal system. Even when a patient has no immediate warning signs of an illness or injury, a CT scan can be an important preventive tool in identifying asymptomatic conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

    Do CT scans pose any health risks?

    Medical imaging experts in San Antonio stress that CT scans pose very little danger to those that undergo them. To create images that the radiology team can assess, a CT scan must emit a temporary dose of radiation. Though radiation exposure has the potential to increase the risk of cancer, it is minimal.

  • The Importance of Mammograms

    A mammogram is a noninvasive procedure that breast health experts recommend for all women age 40 and older. This video explains why 3D mammography near San Antonio can prove a lifesaving measure.

    Breast cancer can develop and grow for months or even years without detection. Though self-examination and clinical examination can potentially detect the presence of larger malignant masses, 3D mammograms can reveal much smaller tumors. Digital mammography can provide medical images that show growths just millimeters in size. In many cases, when breast cancer is found at such an early stage, it can be more effectively treated. That is why regular mammogram screenings are integral to the breast health of all older women.