• What to Expect From a Mammogram

    mammogram San Antonio This important medical imaging procedure has dramatically increased the rate of breast cancer survival, as it can detect malignant growths well before a self-examination or clinical examination could manually reveal them. If you are about to receive your first 3D mammography near San Antonio, you may be wondering how it works. As many other patients can attest, 3D mammography makes it safe, fast, and effective for women to protect their breast health.

    Minimal Undress

    3D mammograms take images of the breast tissue. For a mammogram to yield the best possible images, it is essential that all potential obstructions be removed prior to the procedure. That is why medical imaging experts request that mammogram patients undress from the waist up. However, the comfort of the patient is of utmost importance to the 3D mammography staff. All patients can wear a special robe until the commencement of the mammogram.

    Private Care

    To further ensure the privacy of patients, many 3D mammography facilities in San Antonio limit the number of personnel present during the procedure. In many cases, the patient may be with only a single staff member to reduce any discomfort or anxiety that she may have. This staff member can ready the patient for the mammogram, answer any questions that she may have, and make sure that she is as comfortable as possible throughout the entire 3D mammogram process. Once the procedure is done, the patient can immediately dress.

    Swift Results

    Early detection of breast cancer is imperative so that patients can undergo the most effective treatment available. For this reason, mammogram patients can expect to receive a prompt return of results from the medical imaging facility upon the completion of the 3D mammography procedure. Especially if the initial mammogram reveals abnormal results, the radiology team may quickly contact the patient to provide the findings and determine the best course of action. Even if the mammogram returns with normal results, for the peace of mind of the patient, the medical imaging staff will not delay to share those findings.

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