About Concord Imaging of San Antonio, TX

Our Relationships

Concord Imaging is different from other imaging facilities. We take pride in building and maintaining our relationships with patients and physicians. Our courteous and friendly staff treats patients with respect and strives to make them feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed.

Our radiologists are readily available for consultation with your doctor and this helps Concord Imaging to take good care of its patients.

What Makes Concord Imaging Different?

  • The personal touch our staff provides puts patients at ease and relaxed. Our staff really cares about the patients we have the privilege of seeing.
  • Consistent high quality work and interpretations.
  • Close Relationships with both patients and our referring physicians.

Changes with today’s health care environment:

  • Today’s health care is changing rapidly. Health care insurance premiums are rising and deductibles that patients are responsible for are rising fastest of all.
  • For example a few years ago a patient may have only been responsible for $1000 in deductible before insurance began to pay most costs. Today that deductible the patient is responsible for may be $5000 or even higher.
  • This means that the patient is paying the first $5000 of medical bills out of pocket.

So what?

  • You may ask why does that matter? I’m paying the first $5000 no matter where I have my scan done right so it’s all the same to me?
  • Well, yes and no. True, you are still going to pay $5000 before the insurance company pays anything but if you can get the same scan done for less, it is truly going to save you money out of your pocket.

Don’t all scans through insurance cost the same?

  • No, they don’t. That is determined by the contracted rate between the insurance company and the imaging center where you have the test performed.
  • If one imaging center has a price of $1000 for a test but another has one at $700 with the same or better quality and technology, why would you want to spend that extra 300?
  • That’s typically the situation between Concord Imaging and it’s much larger competitors.
  • Concord Imaging doesn’t have the higher rates contracted that many other imaging companies have so it truly saves patients money to have their exams done at Concord. (If you have questions, just call us).

What if my doctor wants me to go somewhere else for an exam?

  • The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor.
  • Sometimes physicians refer patients somewhere else out of habit or they are just unfamiliar with Concord Imaging. If you already are a fan of the service at Concord, talk to your doctor and tell him/her that you like Concord and you want to have your exam done at Concord. Most will gladly agree. If you haven’t tried us yet, give us a chance. We think you’ll be glad you made the switch.
  • Ultimately, you are the patient and you are paying for the exam, so it’s really your choice.
  • We hope you will ask to have your next exam performed at Concord Imaging where we really try to do a better job for our patients.

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Our Facility

Concord Imaging is a beautiful new facility designed to make diagnostic testing a much more pleasant and relaxing experience. The 9,000-square foot building is nestled in a tree-filled, serene setting seldom found in medical facilities. The peaceful outdoor surroundings are visually drawn inside the spacious reception area with full-height windows and high ceilings.

Concord Imaging Exterior Concord Imaging Interior

The reception area is beautifully furnished with comfortable furniture more typically found in a finely furnished home or spa rather than an outpatient reception area. The remainder of the facility is tastefully appointed with artwork of various styles and themes to further put patients at ease. A separate Women’s Imaging section offers additional privacy.

Why Choose Us?

  • Same-Day Scheduling Available
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Arranged Transportation
  • Courteous and Friendly Staff
  • High-Quality Radiologists
  • Women's Imaging Private Area